Here Are 9 Reasons Why You Should Think about Getting a Weimaraner

Are you looking to get a dog and are wondering whether a Weimaraner is the right breed for you? If so, you really need to keep reading on because below we are going to provide you with 9 great reasons as to why a Weimaraner really is the perfect breed. By the time you get to the end of this article you will be looking for the closest place where you can find one of these majestic dogs.

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They Are Smart

Weimaraners are a confident and intelligent breed, which makes they extremely easy to train, even for those who have never trained a dog before. However, we must admit that they can be a bit cheeky at times and will always try to push the boundaries and rules that you set them. This is why we love them though as they have characteristics like no other breed of dog.

They Are Low Maintenance

They do not have an undercoat and while they do shed a bit, you will be glad to hear that maintaining their coat is really simple. You do not need to wash them often unless of course they get dirty and smelly when you take them out for a walk. Any regular dirt will fall right off their coat and if you give them the right diet, then their coat will remain shiny and they will not have that dog smell.

They Are Good Family Dogs

They are great family dogs, despite their large size. As long as you keep active and give them enough exercise, they will be happy. They will form a strong bond with you and are really affectionate, so they are definitely suitable for families that have small children.

They Are Great Protectors

Weimaraners were bred for hunting, but they are also very good at protecting their family. They are not an aggressive breed of dog, but if someone does not have good intentions, then they will react and protect their family without having to be trained to do so. When the danger has been dealt with, they will revert back to being friendly and kind.

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They Are Loyal

They will get very attached to their family. In fact, they become so attached that many like to call them Velcro dogs. They will follow you about the house, even to the bathroom if you let them. Many Weimaraner owners say that the males are usually needier than the females.

They Will Keep You in Shape

Weimaraners are a dog breed with a lot of energy. Therefore, they require plenty of exercise, both physically and mentally. Keep in mind that they have been bred for endurance, so they will tire quicker when playing puzzle games than they will when taking part in physical exercise. What are some great physical activities for this breed of dog? Well, they enjoy a game of fetch or tug of war, running beside their owner, or running next to you when you are cycling. What are some great mental activities? Well, they love a game of hide and seek and they also enjoy trying to learn new tricks.

They Are Great Hunting Dogs

Weimaraners were bred as hunting dogs and their prey drive is what makes them such a great breed for hunting. They used to be used to hunt large game, but in more recent years they have become specialized to hunt animals such as ducks, pheasants, rabbits, and foxes.

They Are Very Versatile

While hunting is something that is in their DNA, this is a very versatile breed of dog. Their intelligence, enthusiasm to work, and their great sense of smell makes them great dogs for people with disabilities, drug detection dogs, rescue dogs, and police dogs. Obviously, if you do not plan to use your Weimaraner for any of the aforementioned activities, they are just as happy as a companion dog, so long as you give them plenty of exercise.

They Are Really Cute

Whether as a puppy with floppy ears and sky-blue eyes or an adult with amber eyes and floppy ears still, this is a breed of dog that is cute at whatever age they are. When you are eating at the table and they are looking at you with their puppy eyes, you will definitely not be able to resist giving them that last rasher of bacon