Three of the Best UK Betting Sites for Greyhound Racing

Us Brits love to bet on greyhound races because it is very popular, and a tidy profit can be made if luck is on your side – obviously you need a bit of skill as well. Bookies know just how popular this sport is now, which is why is why it is near enough impossible to come across a sportsbook that does not have greyhound markets. In this article we shall take a look at 3 of the best bookies for betting on this sport as well as provide you with some great tips that you should keep in mind when betting on greyhounds.

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William Hill

This sportsbook has been around for nearly 90 years, which is a very good indication as to just how good they are. A sportsbook that has plenty of flaws is one that will struggle to be around for 90 days. so, what is it that has made William Hill so popular? Well, one of the main things that sports bettors love about William Hill is that they offer one of the best streaming features in the sports betting world. Every year they stream around 60,000 live events, and this includes plenty of greyhound racing. To add to this, they have exceptional customer support and provide their players with plenty of different payment options. They also always offer competitive odds and ensure that they offer a variety of markets for all the sports they offer.

Paddy Power

This is the most popular bookie in Ireland, but they are happy to accept sports betting fans from the UK. Unless you have lived under a rock since 1988, you will definitely have heard about them, and we are almost certain that you will have seen some of their controversial advertisements. So, why exactly have they become so popular for sports betting fans? Well, to begin with, they provide great odds and numerous markets for the sports they have made available. Furthermore, they also have a great live streaming feature that shows plenty of greyhound races. Paddy Power love to make jokes, but they are very serious about ensuring that all their customers have a great betting experience.


This bookie has only been about for a little over ten years, but they have shown the sports betting world that they will be around for plenty more. At the time of writing, they have millions of players registered with them, and this is a figure that is only going to increase. The main reason why 888Sport have become so popular is because they have a very good Welcome Bonus (£40 free bet), a variety of markets, great odds, and a very good live stream feature that has plenty of greyhound races.


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Great Greyhound Betting Tips

You can open an account with a bookmaker, go to the greyhound section, place a bet without any research, but we guarantee that more often than not you will just end up losing your stake, unless you get a bit lucky. When it comes to greyhound betting, you need to do some homework before placing your bet. Below you can find some tips that will help you when you are betting on this sport.

Pay Attention to Form

A greyhound’s form is a clear sign as to how it has been getting on of late. There are plenty of betting tips and form guides on the Internet, so you really should take the time to have a look at some before you go and make a bet. When you are placing greyhound bets you need to consider the race length, the dog’s age, the weight of the dog, and the track surface.

Look for Value

When betting on greyhounds, on any other sport, you need to find value bets. At times it might not be too clear as to what the best dogs are in a particular race, but bookies are really clever when it comes to offering odds that will get sports betting fans to back a particular dog, even if the odds being offered are not an honest reflection on the dog’s chances to win. Thus, sometimes you should ignore high odds and select the greyhound that puts a tick in all the other vital boxes.