The Fight from Online Gaming against Animal Cruelty

Due to the rise in the suffering of greyhounds, all members of this organization are anxious about their welfare. They are regularly working around the clock to end these appalling abuses.

Today, we will talk about the cruelty suffered by dogs used for racing, the challenges faced in dog protection, and how online casinos have promised to help the organization financially.

Animal Cruelty: The Current Status of Greyhounds

The last few years have experienced an upsurge in the rate at which animals, mainly dogs like greyhounds, are mistreated. Despite several efforts made by some members to mitigate the horrors faced by these dogs, it seems they are fighting a lost cause. Some good examples of abuses these dogs face will be narrated.

Dog doping among greyhounds and other sport dogs is common. They are injected with various substances to make them run faster and have excellent stamina. These drugs hurt their health, and many of these hounds don’t survive these medications.

Abandoning injured dogs is another ill prevalent in society. People do not care about dogs injured during races. They are usually neglected and left to suffer. In a suburb in the UK visited by two members of our organization, we notice a good number of injured and sick dogs lying helplessly near race arenas.

Poor feeding and starvation are also common among track dogs. Their owners feed them little or spoiled food. Some are even left to starve to death because they are no longer useful.

Challenges Faced Protecting and Sheltering Dogs

There has been a regular effort to save and take care of dogs, but some factors that impede the progress include:

  • Laxity of government regulations: Although some government policies are made to reduce these inhumane treatments, it has not been executed fully. It is as if some government authorities don’t monitor the laws.
  • Shortage of kennels: Our team has regularly been trying to save and house injured, sick and homeless greyhounds. However, we are gradually running out of space. The number of neglected dogs outweighs the accommodation available.
  • Lack of financial support: Taking care of dogs needs considerable investment, and we are in dire need of funds to support our mission to provide shelter and food for these dogs.

Finally, low media support and coverage of abuses perpetrated by these people. It is like dogs existence do not matter to them.

How Online Casinos Hope to Stop Hounds Cruelty

There has been massive support by online casinos to end some cruelty experienced by these dogs. When a member of our organization who regularly plays slot games, roulette, blackjack, and poker appealed for financial aids from these online casinos, he got a positive response.

These online casinos have pledged to support the work financially. They believe with the amount of casino dog games available like 3D dogs and greyhound turbo; that online dog betting will eradicate abuses on hounds.

This article has been able to state some abuses suffered by dogs, the challenges faced by our organization in taking care of these dogs, and how online casinos will support our charity work financially. These online casinos also hope to replace traditional hounds racing with online dog racing.