The GLWR Will Do Absolutely Anything for Abandoned Weimaraners

Great Lakes Weimaraner Rescue in Michigan was founded by five people who all share a passion for Weimaraner dogs. We all understood that this breed of dog needs more help than others as they regularly find themselves abandoned or mistreated. We created this center to help any Weimaraner that we came across that needed a new home.

We Visited Dog Shelters Taking Their Weimaraners Off Their Hands

We know just how hard it is for dog shelters to find new homes for their dogs. In fact, each year, thousands of dogs across the United States take their final breath at a dog shelter. This is a sad and unjust end for such loving creatures and just thinking about it brings some tears to our eyes. So, we spent our time going to other dog shelters in Michigan to take in their Weimaraners, regardless of their health, age, or behavioral issues – all factors that play a huge part when people are deciding which dog they are going to adopt.

Whenever we take a Weimaraner from another organization, we are buoyed by the fact that we know that we have just freed up another space at that kennel. This space could then potentially lead to a new life for another abandoned dog. So, while we specifically deal with Weimaraners, it is safe to say that we love all types of dogs. 

Three months old Weimaraner puppy looking at the camera with sleepy eyes.

Some of Our Values

One of our main values is that our dogs will always come first. We have stopped counting the lost sleep to look after sick dogs and the miles driven to collect dogs from other shelters. All of our volunteers sacrifice a lot to ensure that each one of our dogs has a good life, and they wouldn’t change it for the world.

Many shelters across the United States will euthanize a dog that has been with them for ages in order to make space for a new one, but we will never do that. Once we have taken a dog in, it is with us forever, or until we can find a nice home for them.

As soon as a dog joins us, we make sure that emotional and medical needs are provided for. Medical treatment is extremely expensive, but we manage thanks to donations from fellow Weimaraner lovers.

A Unique Way to Keep Our Dogs Fit

Some dogs, such as British Bulldogs and chihuahuas, don’t require much exercise, but Weimaraners need exercise every single day. In fact, there are not many other breeds of dog out there that need as much exercise as a Weimaraner does. These dogs need to run, so a walk around the park might not be enough. This is why they are a good choice for those who enjoy cycling, hiking, or running. A Wiemaraner that does not get enough exercise will become bored and a bored Weimaraner will lead to total destruction in your house or in your garden. This is one of the main reasons why many Weimaraners are abandoned.

Our volunteers take our dogs for regular exercise, but a walk around the local neighborhood or a trip to the local park for a run can often become monotonous, both for the dogs and the volunteers. It just so happens that one of our volunteers is English and, like most English, he has a love for cricket. He also loves to bet on cricket. If you are the same, you can get some fantastic betting tips at

So, one day he came to work with a cricket set and when we asked him what he was doing, he replied that he had thought of a great way to get our dogs the exercise that they require. He went out into our spacious yard and set up the game. Then he let the dogs out and asked someone to chuck him the ball, which he then hit to the end of the yard. The dogs absolutely loved fetching the ball back and couldn’t get enough of it. Therefore, we now play cricket with our dogs two to three times a week to keep them mentally and physically fit.