Give Your Forever Friend a Forever Home

Helping to give Weimaraners a second chance since 2005

We are a non-profit group of volunteers that have set out to help rescue and re-home the Weimaraner breed.

GLWR is a rescue organisation that is unable to provide traditional kennel facilities like many other animal shelters. The rescue dogs are housed with new family homes and are cared for by foster families until their forever home becomes available. We work hard to make this happen for each dog, so they have the perfect new home and family to join.

Weimaraner puppies

About Us

We are a band of five Weimaraner owners and have a special affiliation with the Weimaraner breed. We are fully committed to the strong desire to help those that are less fortunate and find themselves abandoned, lost or neglected, through no fault of their own.

We all know the special needs of this incredible breed of dog and will cover all necessary medical costs and checks before they are placed under the adoption program or rehomed with a loving family.

Where other shelters are selective over what breeds they are able to rescue, we all saw fit to help this breed out specifically as we are experienced in areas of health, behaviour and needs that come with the Weimaraner dog.

Our Vison and Values

GLWR works with many shelters across the UK and services that help and specialise in dog rescue including the RSPCA. We also work alongside fellow owners that need to relinquish their dog be it through their own personal matters and health. No Weimaraner will come last in our service to give them what they deserve; compassion, respect and a warm roof over their heads.

Putting Dogs First

Our sacrifices are daily, driving miles to attend to lost dogs, driving miles to shelters around the country, giving advice and assistance to elderly owners of the Weimaraner. Our availability and time to help these dogs wouldn’t be possible without the help given to our organisation through volunteer work, donations and other forms of fundraising, for that we thank you for helping put the dogs first.  

A life for life

GLWR will never, under any circumstance, euthanize a dog to make way for another. This is a life for life philosophy that is core to our work and efforts. Should all efforts fail in restoring the bad health of an abandoned or mistreated dog, then this only fuels us to push the word out further of our services because we never want to lose another.

Weimaraner puppy

Healthy Dogs for a Happy Home

All rescued dogs are supported emotionally and medically from the very moment they are in our care. We know the transition from their found state to home is not a quick fix and all the necessary precautions are taken with the right amount of time they are spent in our interim care. All expenses are made possible through your donations and this helps to give those in need immediate medical assessment and care.

Why we do what we do

Achievement is its own reward, it’s not about the label of rescuers because of the unfortunate circumstances and not yielding to change. It is an unfortunate passion to help but very much a necessary one. The Weimaraner is a loving breed that requires minimal maintenance, enjoys lots of activity, great with children, very easy to train and poses little health risks over a normal life span.

Be part of the magic

Donate . Adopt . Foster

These are the three areas in which you can help put a smile on a dog’s face. Donations of any amount go fully into the care of the dogs from food to medication. If you wish to adopt a Weimaraner, then please come visit the dogs to see who’d you like to welcome into your home and make as a new member of the family. Alternatively, if you wish to foster a Weimaraner for an extended period of time, we promise there is no pressure and support will be provided as you take care of each other.

Weimaraner happy